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#Paperless is a concept that involves the elimination of all paper use in the home, office, or school environment. While the use of paper has decreased, the user of paper is still prevalent, and there are not many companies that are completely #Paperless.
Why go #Paperless?
Saves trees
It may seem obvious, but the average tree produces less than 100,000 sheets of paper, which is not much.
Saves ink and toner
Your printer ink and toner are the most expensive consumable. Limiting your printing saves ink and toner, which saves you money.
Saves space
Storing paper documents, books, magazines, and manuals take space. However, an electronic version takes no space.
Saves energy
Your printer uses energy and if you are in a school or business where the printer is on all day it adds up and decreases the ecology level.
Saves money
Not printing saves energy, paper, ink, and toner. You also save money in shipping since electronic documents cost nothing.
Saves time
When printing a document with dozens of pages, it takes time to print and orginize each of the pages.
There are a number of ways to go #Paperless. Your strategy should take into account your office, your employees, and the processes that drive productivity. In larger organizations, it often helps to get team members involved in the planning stages. Staff understands the day-to-day processes better than outsiders or even high-level executives, so it's helpful to get their thoughts as you plan.
Tips on going #Paperless
Think before you print
Before printing anything, decide if what you are printing can be used in its electronic format.
Print to PDF
Anything can be printed to a PDF file. Printing is not always the only option to get a copy of something. Once printed, you can attach that PDF to an e-mail and save it to your computer.
Use your smartphone
If you have a smartphone, use it for your grocery lists, to-do lists, or really any list. Not only does this save paper but these lists can be shared with others, is always with you, and is less likely to be lost.
Save on the cloud
Documents and files can be stored in cloud tools like Evernote, Google Docs, and Dropbox. Storing them in the cloud enables multiple people to have access and update the file from any device (e.g., computer, phone, or tablet) that has Internet access.
Digital signatures
Some companies may need to print documents because of the need of signatures. However, today many companies now accept digital signatures and no longer require any of the documents to be printed.
Get an e-reader or tablet
Investing in an e-reader or tablet can save money and greatly reduce your paper use, especially if you are an avid reader or need reading material for school or work.
Make it difficult to print
Many people print because it is convenient. Make it difficult by keeping your printer off, which also saves money in energy bills and may even save printer ink.
Print two-sided
If there is no way getting around printing print two-sided instead of one-sided.
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