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Amanda Schmidt
I have tested out the InkSot planner, the layout of the planner is beyond awesome... I love it, it is simple, and very easy to find everything.
Samuel Willson
I don't know if it is just my iPad or if it is a bug but I did find a few things that were not correct... I am using iPad 5 mini with a stylist. An apple pen will not work on my iPad. Anyway, the download was great, no problems this time.
Jane Clicker
When I use my stylist there is a bit of a leg... which means that it is very slow to notice that I am writing on my screen, it is difficult for it to recognise that I am writing, also when I start to write close to the edge, or line, it will not write there, I have to move over to the center of the page.
Alex Larkins
I would love to see more font styles in the typing part of your app.
I also tried to write with my stylist on the "To Do" page (which is an awesome addition to your planner) but was unable to write anything on it... like I said, it might be that my iPad is a little older, but I am not sure...
Theodore Greene
When using the typing pad the messages pile up on top of each other when you add more than one typing box.
I hope that you understand everything here, but I am open to any questions that you may have.
Michael Marks
Thank you so much for the opportunity to try your planner out... I will work with it for again for more time and let you know more later.
Clara Lui
Made the update to my iPad, the planner seems to be much more faster and efficient now. I will work with it some more and then I'll let you know more.
Ursula Hautson
This app has change my life by improving my productivity.
Thank you so much!
Matthew Fox
I have finally organize all my event into one cool handwritten calendar, thanks!
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