What is
Inksot Notes?
This application is a new, stylish and beautiful way to control all your notes inside one well-organized storage with a great amount of possibilities to choose from. Use different planners, edit as PDF files, update the data and stay productive wherever you are.
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Huge amount of functions:
Customize the look of the app as you like with lots of themes and backgrounds.
• Open different types of documents in seconds.
• Export the notes you take into different apps and tools.

Fast and simple:
• Optimized interface to make your interactions fast as never before.
• Notes synchronization via PDF exporter.
• Lots of regularly updated functions!
Beautiful design:
• Full amount of customization functions.
• Lots of integrated fonts, stickers etc.
• Colorized hints on your functions and notes.

Start using just now!
The best Note app for your iPad or Android tablet
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