Photoshop for iPad: when something goes wrong
Recently Adobe has presented an app for iPad everybody was waiting for an enormously long time. Yes, you get it — this is Photoshop. An announcement made in 2015 has made all the iPad fans waiting impatiently — but the result got pretty surprising.
Real copy of the
desktop version
Even though the application supposed to become a real copy of the desktop version, the reality does not look like that. The functionality seems to be much a cut-off version of the "big brother", and users have decided to blame Adobe for such a problem. Most users have left disappointed with the functionality. As they say, the solution provided by a company cannot be a solution appliable for work, as the developers have promised at the beginning.
Photoshop, which Adobe released on the App Store, has nothing to do with full Photoshop. They do not even closely resemble. There is nothing in the tablet version of the editor that could make it a useful tool for work. Looking at the stripped-down functionality of Photoshop for iPad, one wonders — why, in fact, was it needed at all? After all, he knows almost nothing of what the desktop version offers.

— One of the app users, AppStore.
On the AppStore, the global rating for the app is pretty low. In the Russian segment, the mark is 1.5, in British — 1.7 and in the USA — 2.1 of 5. That is a pretty bad result, including the fact people have been waiting for the iPad Photoshop for a pretty long time. Adobe have deleted all the things needed: Filters, Smart Objects, Plugins, etc. The layers have been left, but surely this is not enough.

Scott Belski
But Adobe representer Scott Belski is sure that developers have everything they could. As he says, Photoshop is a huge product, and providing it to a new platform needed a lot of effort. So to provide a result fastly, not postponing a release for
a long time, the solution was to provide a current
version, updating it with new functionality in the future:

To at least start somewhere, you need to release a product that would have the minimum necessary set of functions. Naturally, this will be a painful experience for everyone. But no product by definition can please everyone. Especially when it comes to a global product that has been popular for many years. Its launch was simply obliged to cause discontent among a certain group of users who expected something of their own.
App improving
Actually, the development process is painful for any company. And surely the creation of such a big project as Photoshop for a company is a pretty big task — and Adobe has acted wisely, providing an app fastly and improving it during
the time.

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