Logitech Crayon — the cheapest Apple Pencil alternative just for 49$
Logitech has presented one of their styluses line model for a pretty long time ago, but our editors got it into their hands just recently. A new stylus allows us to write and draw on all the tablets — including Android models, too, but it is especially cool on new iPad Pros. A stylus named Crayon not just brings an awesome usage experience, but also costs much less then Apple-ish analogue — just 49$. Let's take a closer look?
Cupertino stylus
Even though iPad Pro with Apple Pencil support used to be one of the best choices for schools for almost three years already, a stylus from Cupertino was developed without taking children into account — the stylus is pretty heavy, big and long for a small child hands. Logitech has noted that and developed a pretty comfortable device with a great form allowing a stylus ti lay straightly and not to roll down from the table.
The device automatically connects to all the iPad models of 2018 and later and uses all the same technologies to provide subpixel accuracy, fast response and incline angle, providing the best experience not just for children, but for
students and professionals — artists, writers,
sketchers and all the other people who love
working with such accurate devices.

Logitech Crayon is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and Explain Everything, and also provides additional functionality for such default apps as Pages, Numbers, Keynote in case they are updated for the usage with Apple Pencil device.

Stylus Ink is specially developed to provide a comfortable usage and is safe from accidental breakage. It is not removable and just fixes into the case. If it is needed to change the ink, you should use a special tool provided out-of-the-box.

Logitech Crayon uses a common Lightning connector for a charge, and the battery life is about 8 hours that is fairly enough for most of the tasks. What is more, as the specialists from Logitech say, it is enough just 1.5 minutes to charge the device for 30 minutes of usage. Pretty exciting, is not it?
As long as the stylus for developed mainly for educational purposes, all the sales are provided via Apple Education program — but retailers have made lots of work already so you could purchase the device just via the Internet wherever you would like to — but, of course, the price would be higher in that case.

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