The way professionals use iPad. A tool of a new generation?
Did you know iPad had its 10th birthday on the 27th of January? During the decade, a portable flat device has changed the way we work, spend free time, watch movies, read books and get our taste of info world a lot.
iPad recreation
And the way Apple "recreated" iPads via Pro line has brought a new ways of usage: nowadays it is not just a device for fun, but a fully-powered tool to accomplish work task — no matter what the profession is.

So here we have collected several cases on how people of different jobs use their iPads to cope with tasks at work. Let's get started?
Do artists need
an iPad?

The answer is pretty obvious, and it was given by Apple itself at the presentation of the iPad Pro 12.9 with Apple Pencil.

For the demonstration, Apple in advance has prepared the opinions of people from the field of animation and other industries, where it is needed to draw a lot, and wherever you are. All of those who have tried were thrilled and satisfied a lot. Still, finally came out a gadget that allows you to draw almost for real — but in digital. The line almost kept up with the pen, and a large set of tools in specialized programs allowed you to do what you can't do on paper — a real magic, isn't it?

Pokras Lampas
One of the most famous artists and calligraphists of our time, Pokras Lampas, who is famous for his huge arts placed on buildings all over the world, has become one of the first iPad Pro users and shared that it helps him to create absolutely stunning
arts in a way he has never experienced before:
Liberty! For me, this is the most suitable association with working on the iPad. This is a tool that I associate for myself with the search for new experiences, images. This is not a routine work, as often happens in Photoshop or Illustrator, because there I solve the applied problem, but here the task is to show creativity, so for me the iPad is a very personal thing.
iPad in construction and building

Good iPad and in construction. There are many thematic applications for him, for example, SketchUp, Revit, BIM-360 and many others. All this allows not only to outline the idea of what is called "on a napkin", but also to show it to the customer directly at the facility. Of course, you can show it on a laptop, but the iPad is much more convenient if you are not sitting at the table. Yes, and AR is doing its job.

Specialized apps
iPad is perfect for that sphere too. There are many specialized apps, like SketchUp, Revit, BIM-360, and lots of others. All of this not just allows to present an idea "from scratch", but also to show it to the customer "in a real-time". Surely there is no problem to do the same with a laptop, but we all know iPad is much more portable and easy to use. And let's not forget about the AR that does the magic.
I use the iPad with the Apple Pencil in all stages of design and construction; it is always with me.

— Vasyl Krivoshein, an architect.
What else?
There are literally hundreds of ways to use an iPad in the other spheres, as long as the amount of applications just grows faster than possible. For example, the line of tablets has already become a favorite tool for the workers of the film industry:
On the set, I'm not letting go of the iPad Pro: firstly, because it's comfortable with it, both in the interior and in nature; secondly, because it helps to check the script at any time and immediately make corrections, if necessary, control the film plan, discuss storyboards with the director of photography, if you need to change something.

— Nata Pokrovskaya, film director.
Pilots now use iPad ad an alternative to a huge suitcases with maps and plane or flight plans; surgeons use lots of study simulators for study; biologists make their experiments in the modeled environment.

Teachers even got a special support program by Apple allowing them to use an iPad to improve the educational process: several study programs were developed, providing data on programming, math, natural studies, etc. An experiment was especially popular in the USA.

Why an iPad
is so popular?

To argue on the topic of what is primary, the popularity of the iPad or good applications for it is difficult. Most likely, everything developed somehow in a complex. Apple has made an infrastructure that works and enables people to use a smartphone, tablet, laptop and other
Cupertinians' products.
Contributed to the design, and performance, and reliability. All this together made the iPad the most popular tablet that even the most ardent Android fans love. As a result, there are many users and developers create good applications. This leads to further growth of gadget fans and so on.
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