For some reason, known only to a physicist, electricity and water do not deal with each other greatly. So, obviously, it is not a great solution to make your gadgets wet. But what could happen in that case with your favorite iPad?
Apple does not really like to tell the users about how their devices deal with water, actually. Take a look at the iPhone 11 page — and you will see IP68 waterproof standard proudly placed as one of the top features. But in case you gonna try to find something similar on the tablets pages, it looks like you will get a failure. So let's try to find out some truth.
Are iPads
waterproof at all?

Actually, nope. iPads just do not give any claims in the area of being waterproof, that is why none of them get an IP certified rating.

But let's not forget that many parts of device, like the screen, may be water resistant by themselves, and apertures like the Lightning, USB-C, headphone ports are vulnerable. But it looks like a great solution not to put such things into a test.
What if I take
my iPad swimming?

Come on, there are so many more cool things to take swimming than this one. But if you still want to do that, we just could tell you that this is definitely not a nice idea. If you still want to read a book in a shower or near the swimming pool, it is much better to take a waterproof case or a paper book — it is much cheaper to replace that one.
Why are not iPads water resistant and iPhones are?
Actually, that is really pretty strange, as long as iPhone and iPad development technologies are pretty similar. But for some reasons it happens, so there are definitely some criterion of why Apple still have not integrated fully-supported water resistance. iPads tend to me use in much less portable way then iPhones are, so there is no surprise safety precautions are not as strict as for the "small helper".

And what should I do with it?

Wait, wait and wai… Errr, actually there is a solution, and it is fairly simple. An Amazon is full of beautiful and weird waterproof cases, that could be used both permanently and just at the times you want to go get some shower with your Apple-ish friend. Just check them out — but still think twice before trying to make water a friend of your tablet device.

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